Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring Clean

As is supposedly customary at this time of year, I decided to have a spring clean.
I am a terrible one for hanging on to things long after they serve any useful purpose. However, this time I was determined to do it right and rid myself of unwanted cutter.
Call it a mid-life shake-down if you will.
I started with my clothes. I am guilty of that terrible female crime of having lots of clothes and nothing to wear. Nothing ever seems to match anything else as I tend to impulse shop - buy in haste repent at leisure.
It came down to having the courage to let go of the old things that no longer fit - admit that they will never fit again and that no diet on earth will ever make them. The fact is that most of those things were of a very dated style or else too 'youthful' for my maturing years anyway. I created a massive pile in the middle of the bedroom floor which my long-suffering husband was delighted to see when he came home. He might not be so delighted by the hole I intend to create in the bank account when I go shopping for replacements.
Next came shoes and handbags and again a giant pile was created. It was therapeutic to finally admit to myself that certain things I had never in fact really liked and really shouldn't have held on to 'just in case'.
When I was done, what was left was truly worth keeping - quality items that made me feel good about myself.
The process made me open my eyes to other aspects of my life. So many of us hold on to old notions or old feelings that clutter up our mental space. We often stick with relationships or friendships that no longer fit or make us feel awkward.
My shake-down made re-examined old ideas, and discard a few that were outdated. I saw things in a fresh light and cleared some mental space. The clean-up was long overdue.
I recommend a thorough spring clean to anyone who feels there life has become filled with the old and worn.
Go on, free yourself of clutter!

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